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A free online event with 4 hours of content covering the modern commerce stack

The future of e-commerce is headless.

E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, and making everything from your site performance to your ability to iterate faster is critical to take advantage of this trend.

Why you should attend

Join decision makers, technologists, and e-commerce experts for a one-day deep dive into how you can leverage the Jamstack to take advantage of this new headless approach.

Whether you’re just learning about headless e-commerce, you’ve already started to go headless, or you're a Jamstack pro, this conference will give you insights and actionable information to make your site and your business move faster.

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What you’ll learn

  1. Hear about why the time to make your e-commerce site headless is now & see why the Jamstack is the best way to go headless
  2. Listen to companies who have successfully implemented a headless architecture share their challenges and successes
  3. Learn how you can implement a headless architecture for your own site
  4. Interact with other e-commerce professionals who are also considering a headless approach

Summit Content

Thursday, Sept 3 2020


Why the future of e-commerce is headless

User Stories

Stories covering the why and how of e-commerce strategies

Lightning Talks

A closer look at architecture choices and business decisions

Speaker Panel

Followup discussion and Q&A

Ecosystem Showcase

Networking and presentations with ecosystem partners

Closing Session

Takeaways and closing statements

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