Headless Commerce

Navy blue Bluetooth Speaker
Green glass lamp with a tan lampshade
Line art shopping cart icon
Yellow bike helmet
Large over-ear headphones
Small cactus in a potted plant
Black sunglasses
The white back of a modern smartphone

Code of Conduct

Headless Commerce Summit intends to provide a positive, inclusive and collaborative environment for attendees. While we may disagree or engage in healthy debate, any harassing, disparaging or overtly negative remarks about individuals, technology communities or companies will not be permitted. The event team will be moderating the chat and public channels throughout the day. Any inappropriate video or chat content (sexual, harassing, violent or disparaging in nature) will result in expulsion from the event, and potential bans from future Netlify events.

If you witness or are subject to any questionable behavior, please report by messaging 'Moderation Team' within the platform, or by sending an email to ashlynn@netlify.com